[New UI] Where can I display cross sells & upsells?

We call Cross Sells locations the distinct and strategic places in your store where you can display cross sells. These locations are:

  1. Product Pages
  2. Cart Types: Cart Page & Cart Drawer (Mini-Cart)
  3. Upsell Pop-Up
  4. Post-purchase Page
  5. Home Page
  6. Collections Page
  7. Checkout Page (Available on Shopify Plus plan only)
  8. Frequently Bought Together Bundle

These locations will be available depending on the plan you are at. Check our plans here. You can upgrade plans by going on Account > Billing Plan on your Cross Sell app.

Also you can check out our Youtube channel for videos.

You can always reach out to our team at support@csell.co if you have any questions about our plans!

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