[New UI] Setting up Cross Sells on the Cart page

For the Cart page, you can display three types of Cross Sells:

  1. Global Cross Sell Cart.
  2. Cross Sells of last item added to Cart.
  3. Upsells of last item added to cart

Global Cross Sell Cart are used to display as a default on the main cart page when the "Use Cross Sells of last item added to Cart" option is not selected. You can assign upto a maximum of 15 products.

How to assign Global Cross Sell cart products

From the Dashboard click on the "Assign" tab then click on the "Assign Product" button in the "Cart Page" section.

Assign Handpicked

Click on the dropdown box under the label "Which Cross Sells to use" and select the "Use Global Cart Products" option.

Below that click on the "Assign Global Cart" button and a pop-up will display and you can select the products you want to assign. After that click on the Add button and you are done.

Cross Sells of last item added to Cart.

For this option, from the above screenshot choose the option of "Use Cross Sells of last item added to Cart". You wont need to assign anything as it will use cross sells of previously assigned. Incase you have not assigned the cross sells, you can still do it here.

Upsells of last item added to cart

For this option, From the "Assign" tab under the "Cart Page" section as shown in screenshot below, click on the Assign Products for the Upsells.

After that, from the dropdown box under "Which cross sells to use", select "Use Upsells of last item added to cart". If you had not setup the upsells, you can always set them up in the area provide below that.

Here is a video of how to assign Cross Sells on your Cart page.

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