[New UI] Assigning Cross Sells on the Post Purchase Page

Activate our Post-purchase functionality­čÜÇ

Upsell an additional product to your customers after a successful purchase, and boost your revenue!

The "Post-purchase" Upsell is a nifty feature, that allows you to market an extra product at the end of a purchase. This feature heightens your chances to capture an extra sale before your customer leaves your store. If activated with your: Product page Cross Sells, Upsell pop-up and Cart Cross Sells, then this will be a complete marketing kit; pitching sales from the 'Product page', to 'Checkout'.

Enabling the "Post-purchase page" feature

To enable this feature, we need to:

  1. Turn on it's functionality in the Cross Sell app.
  2. Select the Cross Sell app as the "Post-purchase page" app in Shopify Dashboard.

Turn on the functionality in the Cross Sell app

In the Cross Sell app, go to the Assign Page and scroll down to the "Post-purchase" section and enable it.

After that click on the Customize button so that you can select the type of cross sell you want to display(Please note you can only display one product on the Post purchase page).

There are 3 type of cross sells you can display and they are listed under the Which Cross Sell to Use section.

Only show Global Post-Purchase cross sell

When this option is selected, the same product that has been selected will be displayed on all post purchase pages.

Only show Post-Purchase Cross Sell for the last item in order.

When this option is selected, the product that will be cross selled on the post purchase page will depend on the cross sell assigned to the last item in the order.

Display Post-Purchase Cross Sells when assigned; otherwise, show Global Post-Purchase Cross Sells.

When this option is selected, the cross sell of the last item in the order will take precedence. If no product is assigned then the Global Post-Purchase Cross Sell will be displayed.

Select the Cross Sell app as the "Post-purchase page" app on Shopify.

From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout and accounts > Scroll down to "Post-purchase page" and select the Cross Sell app:

Congrats!!! ­čą│ 

You're finally set to go! That's it! You can now test out the feature on your store. One of the methods you can use to test orders on your development store, is using the "Shopify's Bogus Gateway". Use your preferred testing method, and see our app on your "Post-purchase page". This is how it would look when it's activated:

If you happen to have any issues implementing the feature, please feel free to reach out to our support team ­čśŐ! 

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