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Thanks for installing Cross Sell. Below you'll find an overview of Cross Sell's capabilities & what it can do. Hopefully this will help you decide whether Cross Sell is the ideal solution for you.

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Cross Sell allows you to show suggestions in 3 distinct and strategic places:

1) On product pages, when customers browse or a view a product.

2) As a popup on the product or cart page, after customers click "Add to Cart" on the product page

3) On cart pages*, when customers are ready to checkout 

* Cross Sell can not, for now, show cross sells on non-page carts (e.g. drawer/slider carts) and all other pages that are not the product or cart pages. If this is something you require, please get in touch with a developer or a 3rd party like Storetasker to get this done.


Cross Sell allows you to setup 3 types of product suggestions.
1) Handpicked Cross Sells: These are individual product suggestions that can be shown on the product page or the Upsell Popup (triggered when clicking "Add to Cart" on the product page). 
They work great for curating suggestions to your liking, but must be setup manually for each product (we're working on adding bulk selection SOON). Some automation is possible through our "link & save" feature though. The way this works is that once you've selected some items as handpicked cross sells and then click "Link & Save", all items will become cross linked. This means that all items will become cross sells of each other. Be careful when using this feature though, as it will over write whatever previous suggestions have been setup for all items.
Any Handpicked Cross Sells that are setup will by default show on product pages, the Upsell Popup (if active) & cart pages. This behavior though can be changed in our app's Settings.

2) Global Product Cross Sells: These are a group of items you can show on all product pages or the Upsell Popup. By default, they’ll show on product pages IF (a) they have been setup, and (b) if no Handpicked Cross Sells exist for an item. This behavior though, can also be changed in our app’s Settings.

Global Products are a great way to showcase your Bestsellers, items “on sale” and/or “Staff Picks”.

3) Global Cart Cross Sells: These are a group of suggestions that you can show for all your products on the cart page. They’re a great way to suggest  “On Sale” items, “Discounted Items” or “Don’t forget Before you Checkout” items.

PART 3: Suggested Next Steps:

- Want Cross Sell to auto generate unique suggestions for your products? Read about smart recommendations HERE.

- Want to assign cross sells within the same collections, type or vendor? Use our nifty "Link products" feature to automate this for as much as 15 items at once: https://cross-sell.helpscoutdocs.com/article/2468-old-ui-using-link-products-to-cross-link-products-as-cross-sells-of-each-other

- Consider generating some Automatic Discounts with Shopify (they will automatically be applied in the cart page and checkout), and promoting them in your cross sells' headers: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/discounts/automatic-discounts

Questions, comments, concerns? Get in touch !

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