How can I bulk assign cross sells?

NOTE: If sending files please attach CSV, XSLX or ODS formats only. Numbers files from Apple are not supported.

If you are a store with more than a few hundred products and want to assign items by collection, or simply want to save some time when mass assigning Handpicked Cross Sells, then you can request the use of our bulk import feature.

Here's how it works:

1. Download & fill out a copy of our Bulk Import Sheet: Google Doc link here.

The first column will be for your main product's handle (e.g. shirt-1), while the subsequent columns will be for the handles of your suggestions or cross sells (e.g. shirt-2, shirt-3, pants-1, pants-2)

2. Send us your Bulk Upload Request via email to

Your bulk upload will be uploaded by our team (1500 items take 24hrs or less to upload depending on how many requests we have running)

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