[Old UI] Using "link products" to cross link products as cross sells of each other

If you have 4 products: A,B,C, D, and want each of these products to be a cross sell of each other, you can accomplish this with our "link products" feature. What this means is that if you select Product A and add B, C, and D as its cross sells, and then choose "Link Products", the end result will be this:

Product A's cross sells will be: B,C,D

Product B's cross sells will be: A,C,D

Product C's cross sells will be: B,A,D

Product D's cross sells will be: B,C,A

This is very useful for linking cross sells that you know go great together or for cross assigning items with the same collection, type or vendor (e.g. complete the look), via our Advanced Search (on the left side of the Assign page).

1) if you've previously saved the cross sells for Product A, then you'll need to change something about the cross sell to activate "link products" (e.g. change the position/order of the cross sells, add/delete a cross sell)

2) when using "link products", the cross sells for the "linked products" will be overwritten 

3) "Link Products" is available when assigning Handpicked Cross Sells and can be used to cross link a maximum of 15 items together.

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