[Old UI] Cart total or cart count is not refreshing after adding items from popup or Add to Cart buttons

If you have activated our Upsell Popup and/or use our Add to Cart buttons from Settings -> Quickview & Upsell Popup, but the cart total or count is not refreshing after items have been added, then you might need to make use of our Cart refresh function in the Advanced section.

If you're not familiar with javascript or don't have a developer on hand, please get in touch so we can assist with this, otherwise follow instructions below.

To make use of the Cart Refresh Function, you can use one of several strategies:

1) find the function in charge of updating the cart count/total in your theme's javascript files (usually found in the theme.js or shop.js files)

Then test that code in Google Inspector's console after adding an item from the popup or ATC buttons. If it works, you can add the code in Settings -> Quickview & Upsell -> Advanced

2) Alternatively, if you can update your cart by clicking on the cart icon, you can trigger a click event on the cart element's CSS selector (see below)


3) Lastly, if all else fails, you can force a pageload refresh by adding this code:


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